Are you looking for an affordable way to start workouts or do you only want to improve your existing physical condition? Then the Fitness Trading Outlet is the spot-on place for you!

Check out all our current offers and take advantage of discounts while stocks last.  In the Fitness Trading Outlet, you will find solid and reliable showroom models, end-of-series models, and just slightly damaged fitness equipment.

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Temporarily sold out
Temporarily sold out
Outlet Powerline Power Rack PPR1000

Power Rack

€415.00 €750.00
Temporarily sold out
Outlet Spirit Fitness Two Tier Dumbbell Rack SP-4265

Dumbbell Rack

€650.00 €1,210.00
Outlet Spirit Fitness Plate Loaded Lat Pull down SP-4506

Lat pulldown

€1,995.00 €4,235.00
Outlet Spirit Fitness Plate Loaded Shoulder Press SP-4503

Shoulder Press

€1,995.00 €3,942.50
Outlet Spirit Fitness Seated Chest Press SP-4301

Chest Press

€2,195.00 €4,537.50
Outlet Spirit Fitness Fly/Rear Delt SP-4331

Pec Fly & Rear Delt

€2,195.00 €4,779.50
Outlet Spirit Fitness Leg Extension SP-4305

Leg Extension

€2,195.00 €4,495.00